About the Queen Anne Pillow Company

The Queen Anne Pillow Company is a U.S. based family owned and operated business.

Our mission is simple: To Make the Most Luxurious Pillows on the Planet. Our core values are Education, Luxury and Health. Why? Because we believe that Better Health Starts with Better Sleep™ and that Better Sleep Starts with Better Choices™. That is why we educate our customers about the differences between pillows and strive to make choosing the right pillow fun and easy!

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About Our Founders

travis luther denver coloradoTravis Luther is a Denver, Colorado-based entrepreneur, writer, and former college professor. For over twenty years he has built successful businesses by focusing on customers’ needs and creating exceptional products to meet them. Travis is a native of the state of Washington. The Queen Anne name is a nod to his former home, beautiful Seattle, Washington.

Tom StephensTom Stephens is a Florida based entrepreneur. He has many years of experience in luxury bedding, high-end retail, and marketing. Tom has spent many years experimenting with different padding materials for mattresses and pillows to balance comfort with support. Tom is also a teacher, instructing high-risk youth in the development of the tools they need for personal growth and professional success. Tom is Travis’s father-in-law. In his free time he likes to travel with his family and grandkids, exploring exotic locations for new materials, and day dreaming about about the world’s most innovative pillow combinations. His bed is covered in pillow samples, which he occasionally moves to the floor to make room for his wife, Ricki.