A New Testimonial from Dr. Flora Waples, MD

Harris Pillow CATALOG.pmd“It’s no secret that when we sleep better, we feel better. Waking up well rested is a cornerstone of healthy living. But many of us take this fact for granted. Too often we sleep on inexpensive, worn out pillows, and our bodies pay the price.

A good night’s sleep has been medically shown to improve so many aspects of our lives. Did you know that healthy sleep habits are correlated with lower levels of stress, lower rates of depression, and even a healthier body weight? That’s why it’s so concerning that 40% of Americans are getting less sleep than what Doctors recommended.

According to Harvard Medical School, when getting enough sleep becomes a problem, many of us turn to prescription and over the counter sleep aids. Unfortunately, these pills may actually be interfering with sleep rather than improving it. Perhaps it’s time to give a little more thought to your sleeping environment. And that starts with your pillow.

Stop taking your sleep for granted. If you’re struggling to get enough rest, perhaps it’s time for a change.

I use Queen Anne Pillows because they give me the support I need to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer. I recommend Queen Anne Pillows because I believe better health starts with better sleep.” – Dr. Flora Waples, MD – Restōr Medical Spa