8 Ways Sleep Deprivation is Killing Your Sex Drive

It turns out your sex drive has less to do with desire, and more to do with getting those zzz’s. Irregular sleep patterns lead to lower levels of testosterone which in turn reduces sex drive. Sleep deprivation affects men and women’s sex drives in many of the same ways (and a few different ways). From your emotional well-being to your hormone levels, if your sleep patterns are constantly changing, this can wreak havoc on your sexual desire and libido.

Here are 8 ways sleep deprivation kills your sex drive:

1. Lowers Testosterone Levels

As mentioned above, drop in testosterone levels is the number one sex drive killer. Men and women both have testosterone, which is what gets us “going” in the bedroom. Chronic sleep deprivation can happen if an adult is getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Throwing your hormones into complete chaos will without a doubt lower your sexual desires.

2. Messes With Your Emotions

We’ve all had bad nights of sleep. Have you ever paid attention to your mood on these days? You’re likely to be easily agitated and overall in a bad mood. If you’re always tired, there’s a good chance you won’t feel in the “loving” type of mood. Aim for 7+ hours a night to avoid negative thoughts and emotion changes.

3. Makes You Too Tired

When you’re feeling really tired, what’s the only thing on your mind? SLEEP! Longer sleep hours is associated with better arousal. It’s way too easy to use the excuse “you’re too tired for sex” if the only thing you care about in that moment is sleeping. Your significant other will likely get annoyed or hurt by your response and it will be easy to drift apart if this becomes a regular habit. More sleep equals more energy to keep you going all day long.

4. Sleep and Depression are Linked

Yet another blow to the sex drive. A key symptom to depression is insomnia (inability to fall asleep). Sleep deprivation causes psychological distress, and this distress is commonly turned into full-blown depression. Depression has been known to greatly reduce sex drive, and anti-depressants are needed to treat the disorder. Stay happy by getting enough sleep!

5. Hinders Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for protecting you from everyday germs or the next big bug that comes along. A healthy sex life includes being healthy overall. If your partner constantly has a cold or a cough that lingers, this will likely kill the mood for any sexual activities.

6. Next-Day Desire is Greatly Reduced

Even just one night of bad sleep can have immediate negative effects on your sex life. The chances of having sex after a bad night of sleep are slim and the longer you sleep they’re much greater. Basically, if you’re getting enough sleep, the odds of having sex the next day are a lot higher! So make sure you’re getting those zzz’s.

7. Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Research studies have found a direct link between erectile dysfunction and sleep deprivation. One study concluded that out of 401 men with sleep apnea (a sleep disorder that causes pauses in breathing and interrupted sleep), 70% of those had erectile dysfunction. Also, after patients are treated for sleep apnea, they’re less likely to have erectile dysfunction. Their sex lives all improved as well.

8. Decrease in Vaginal Lubrication in Women

Vaginal lubrication is a crucial element for a pain-free and pleasurable sexual experience for women. Studies have proven that women who slept longer had better genital arousal and vaginal lubrication, compared to those women who were skimping on sleep. Sex will be way more pleasurable if you’re in dream land longer each night.

It’s important to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep every night to keep your sex drive healthy and your relationship booming. Better health starts with better sleep! Contact Queen Anne Pillow Company today to begin your journey to getting a healthier night’s sleep.



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