Traveling? 5 Reasons Why You Want To Take Your Own Pillow to Get a Good Night’s Rest

Traveling means having to leave your familiar bed but it doesn’t mean you have to leave your pillow. It’s difficult enough trying to get a good night’s rest in an unfamiliar bed while on the road. Simplify this problem by taking along your own pillow. Not only will it be a comfort from home, it will aid in getting some much-needed shut-eye whether you are traveling for leisure or business. Here are five reasons why packing your pillow is a great idea the next time you travel:

1. Travel Triggers Stress Responses

Traveling triggers stress responses from leaving loved ones behind for business travel to worrying about whether you left a window open during summer storm season. Running to catch a plane or sitting in weekend beach traffic is stressful and stress makes you tired. By traveling with your own pillow, unwinding at the end of the day will be easier due to the familiarity of not only the comfort but the support your pillow provides.

2. Hotel Pillowmania

Hotels are repeatedly increasing the number of pillows on their beds in hopes of offering choices for weary travelers.  King size beds now average five pillows per bed while queen size beds offer four. The hotel industry acknowledges that there isn’t one pillow that is right for everyone. At the end of a long day, weary travelers have a choice of testing which is too soft, and which is too hard, only to find no pillow is just right. Instead of tossing, turning, and switching pillows all night, rest comfortably on your pillow from home.

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3. Hotel Hygiene Issues

Hotels welcome thousands if not millions of visitors each year. Keeping hotels clean is a constant battle for management and housekeeping teams. Hotel pillows are at risk for dust mites; another good reason to pack your own pillow. To reduce your risk of exposure to all types of allergens, including down pillows, travel with your hypoallergenic pillow. Treat your pillow the same as your special toothpaste and your much-needed medicine; you’ll have a much more restful night if you do.

4. Skin Sensitivities to Materials and Detergents

With the rise in popularity of Airbnb comes increased exposure to different cleaning materials and detergents. While most hotel chains using the same, standard type of cleaners, staying in a variety of different lodging settings increases the risk of skin reactions. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, certain smells can permeate pillows. Most Airbnbs offer few or no pillow choices. Don’t get caught at an Airbnb that has lumpy or hard pillows with strong odors. The rustic setting or charming cottage will result in little enjoyment without a good night’s sleep.

5. Staying With Family

Staying with family can be fun or stressful, depending on the circumstances. If you’ve been assigned your childhood bed for the night, don’t feel bad about tossing aside your childhood pillow. It’s great to have free overnight accommodations. Remain gracious and simply explain, if questioned, that your pillow provides the support you need to get a good night’s rest.

Rest Better, Feel Better, Do Better

The late Eileen Ford of the Fords Models agency recommended the models travel with their own pillows. She stated that doing so would result in sleeping better and looking better. There’s nothing worse than waking up with a stiff neck the day of an important presentation or a family wedding. The professional staff at The Queen Anne Pillow Company want their customers to enjoy their vacations and to have successful business trips. Believing that both experiences begin with a great night’s rest, we offer high-end luxury pillows from hypoallergenic to down and feather blends. We understand the importance of sleep in having good health, whether traveling or at home. Wake up relaxed on your next trip with the right pillow; contact us today.

Photo by Harry Knight on Unsplash