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    Royal Guard Pillow Protectors & Dust Mite Covers (2 pack)

    TWO PIECE PACK: Protect your pillows and your health with Queen Anne Pillow’s Royal Guard Pillow Protectors ™. Our dust mite covers stop mites and bed bugs at the gate. Our tightly spun polyester keeps natural feathers inside and synthetic fibers fresh and clean. 100% Hypoallergenic Spun Polyester Protector All Waterproof Material – Blocks Body Fluids and Spills Perfect for Natural and Synthetic-filled Pillows Protects Natural Down Against Destructive Body Oils Keeps Feathers In & Mold Out CloseTite™ Zipper for Maximum Seal Stops Dust Mites and Bed Bugs Free of Toxic Fire Retardants and Chemicals Two (2) Pack   Color: White   Size: Comes in Standard/Queen or King Size. Overtime, body oils and fluids breakdown pillows...

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