Queen Anne’s Perfect Pillow Tool

We believe that Better Sleep Starts with Better Choices. That’s why we’ve collected information from scientific sleep studies and thousand of pillow customer reviews to create this easy to use Perfect Pillow Tool – pairing the perfect pillow to you! And remember, if the custom pillow we send you isn’t perfect, we have a number of ways to make it right, including pillow adjustments and exchanges.

Our Recommendation
How do you sleep?
Stomach Sleeper
Back Sleeper
Side Sleeper
Pillow Hugger
Roll All Over
Do you have sleep related pain?
No Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Do you have any specific needs?
No Allergies
Heavy Allergy Sufferer
Snore/Sleep Apnea
Do you have any specific needs?
I need this
I'm Tall
I need this
Memory Foam
I need this