The Duke® – Recovery Pillow



The Duke Cool Castle Recovery Pillow

Queen Anne Pillow’s Luxurious Post-Activity & Post-Workout Cool Bed Pillow. Melt the Stress Away. Machine Washable – 100% Hypoallergenic – American Made

  • IT’S TIME TO FEEL LUXURIOUS, RELAXED & REFRESHED: Designed for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, the Duke is our hypoallergenic, machine washable luxury bed pillow. It’s designed to stand up like you do. This dependable post-workout bed pillow is covered in our luxurious 300 thread count sateen striped all-cotton ticking. And because it’s a Queen Anne Pillow, it’s piped with our signature shape extending purple piping. Get all the soft support you need with all the Queen Anne luxury you demand.
  • EXCLUSIVE MATERIALS – PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: You don’t have to waste another minute picking the right pillow. We’ve cracked the code on comfort. That’s why fine hotels and bed and breakfasts’ use Queen Anne Pillows to improve guest satisfaction and keep them cool all night long (and all around the world). You don’t need permission to pamper yourself. The Duke is the Perfect Pillow for the new you!
  • 5-STAR HOTEL QUALITY: Carefully crafted to be a cool and dependable bed pillow, slide the Duke behind your back and refresh your body. Prop yourself up and relax post-workout with a magazine or smoothie. Pair with our Royal Guard Pillow Protectors and your Duke stays cool and dry even when you’re not. And, because it’s filled with our proprietary 7 Denier Synthetic Spun Fiber, you can wash and fluff the Duke over and over again. The Duke comes in Standard, Queen and King pillow sizes so you can use them on any bed as your everyday pillow.  
  • MADE IN AMERICA: Cleanliness and comfort are our top priorities. We believe that Better Health Starts with Better Sleep. That is why we make all of our premium pillows right here in the USA. We are a family owned company, insisting on the finest quality pillow materials, so you wake up refreshed and relaxed. And, if you ever need us for anything, you know we’ll be around.

You don’t need permission to spoil yourself. The Duke by Queen Anne Pillow does just that – wraps you in cool hypoallergenic luxury while providing the support you need after an active day. Made of the finest luxury pillow materials (right here in the USA), the Duke is also machine washable and designed to rebound in the dryer, giving you that new pillow plushness every time it’s cleaned. So, are you ready to experience the world’s finest hypoallergenic pillow? Then lay your head on The Duke – our newest lifestyle bed pillow. Stay cool as you melt the stress away. Relax, recover and refresh yourself tonight!

Our customers rest assured knowing Queen Anne Pillow is a family owned business, making our pillows with the finest materials, right here in the United States. We also offer 30-day no hassle returns. So why would you risk laying your head on anything else?

  • 100% Hypoallergenic Spun Polyester Fill
  • Allergy Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Digitally Calibrated
  • High-Quality 300 Thread Count Ticking
  • 100% Cotton Cover with Purple Piped Edges
  • Machine Washable

Remember, keep your pillows cool and dry by protecting them with our Royal Guard Pillow Protectors. Make sure to add them to your order before checkout.

The Duke features a bright white sateen striped, 300 thread count all-cotton ticking, sewn with durable long-lasting double-stitched thread. The Duke pillow is also piped with Queen Anne’s distinctive purple edges – to extend the shape and life of your pillow.

Need a meaningful and thoughtful gift idea? Give the gift of restorative sleep! Our cool bed pillows are a treat they won’t soon forget! When your family, friends, and guests see that famous purple piping and silk Queen Anne Pillow Co. tag, they’ll know you’re someone who takes the comfort of others seriously!

Compared to our other pillows, The Duke provides a little more firmness than our Heavenly Down and will provide a bit more “bounce” as well. This pillow is made for durability and long lasting comfort night after night. Hypoallergenic, washable, The Duke comes in soft, medium and firm fills as well as standard, queen and king sizes.

Our Core Values:
We believe that Better Choices = Better Sleep = Better Health.

Our luxury hypoallergenic pillow sizes and fill strength are as follows:

Standard Size……………………………………………………….. 20” x 26”
Firm24 ounce spun polyester fillMedium: 21 ounce spun polyester fillSoft: 18 ounce spun polyester fill.

Queen Size…………………………………………………………… 20” x 30”
Firm: 28 ounce spun polyester fillMedium: 25 ounce spun polyester fillSoft22 ounce spun polyester fill.

King Size……………………………………………………………… 20” x 36”
Firm: 37 ounce spun polyester fillMedium: 33 ounce spun polyester fillSoft: 29 ounce spun polyester fill.


  1. Fluff it every morning. That’s what the fine hotels that use our pillows do. We want you to have the same experience at home.
  2. Machine wash cold in “delicates” mode. If you have allergies, use a hypoallergenic detergent. Do not use bleach.
  3. Tumble dry on your “low” to “no” heat setting. You may also add a tennis ball to the dryer to help fluff the fiber.




Still not sure about which Queen Anne pillow is right for you? Then click here or on the image to the left to view our Pillow Selection Tool. We’ve combined the data from scientific sleep studies and customer reviews to help you make a better pillow choice.






Fine hotels and bed and breakfasts all around the world rely on Queen Anne Pillows to improve their customers’s sleep satisfaction. If you are luxury pillow business buyer, please contact us to understand more about product exclusivity and hospitality order options. 

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