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    Heavenly Down – Synthetic Down Hypoallergenic Pillow

    Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Pillow Our #1 Best Seller is on Sale now! Save over $20.00 on the world’s most luxurious pillows. The Marriott, New York Palace, and Hilton hotels all use the Heavenly Down pillow to ensure their guests wake-up refreshed and ready to get the most out of their days. If you suffer from regular neck and back pain, the choice is simple: The Heavenly Down Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Pillow from the Queen Anne Pillow Company. Stomach or back sleeper? Choose a “soft” to “medium” fill. Side sleeper? Choose the “medium” to “firm” fill. If you are taller than most people, consider a King Size pillow. Do you normally use two pillows? Then...

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    The Duchess – 25% Down & 75% Feather

    Duchess Goose Down and Feather Blend Pillow 25% Goose Down & 75% Goose Feather Wonderful Down and Feather Pillow for All Sleepers If you enjoy the softness of down, but need a pillow that can provide a bit more sturdiness throughout the night, then The Duchess Goose Down and Feather Blend Pillow might be the right bed pillow for you.  While the down is soft and light, this unique blend of French Goose down and feathers provides long lasting shape and loft. This is because the addition of goose feathers provides a slight amount of friction with the down, keeping all the fill tighter together throughout the night. This special blend is hand measured and each...

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    The LoftKing Extra Firm Density Pillow

    LoftKing Extra Firm Density Pillow Superior Luxury Meets Superior Support The LoftKing by Queen Anne Pillow is the ultra-firm answer to your neck and shoulder support sleep problems. This extra firm density bedroom pillow is perfect for back sleepers, bed readers, and those who need a little elevation to achieve the perfect night’s sleep. Unlike traditional feather and down pillows, the LoftKing’s high-friction filling stays firmly in place, ensuring your pillow doesn’t sink or fall as you move through the night. And, if you or a loved one are traditional back sleepers who snore, the LoftKing’s added elevation can open airways and help reduce snoring. The LoftKing is covered in our lush 330 thread-count...

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