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    Royal Guard Pillow Protectors & Dust Mite Covers (2 pack)

    We apologize, but we are currently sold out of King Size pillow protectors. You may purchase King Size from Amazon.com by clicking here.  TWO PIECE PACK: Protect your pillows and your health with Queen Anne Pillow’s Royal Guard Pillow Protectors ™. Our dust mite covers stop mites and bed bugs at the gate. Our tightly spun polyester keeps natural feathers inside and synthetic fibers fresh and clean. 100% Hypoallergenic Spun Polyester Protector All Waterproof Material – Blocks Body Fluids and Spills Perfect for Natural and Synthetic-filled Pillows Protects Natural Down Against Destructive Body Oils Keeps Feathers In & Mold Out CloseTite™ Zipper for Maximum Seal Stops Dust Mites and Bed Bugs Free of Toxic...

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