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    Heavenly Down – Synthetic Down Hypoallergenic Pillow

    Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Pillow Our #1 Best Seller is on Sale now! Save over $20.00 on the world’s most luxurious pillows. The Marriott, New York Palace, and Hilton hotels all use the Heavenly Down pillow to ensure their guests wake-up refreshed and ready to get the most out of their days. If you suffer from regular neck and back pain, the choice is simple: The Heavenly Down Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Pillow from the Queen Anne Pillow Company. Stomach or back sleeper? Choose a “soft” to “medium” fill. Side sleeper? Choose the “medium” to “firm” fill. If you are taller than most people, consider a King Size pillow. Do you normally use two pillows? Then...

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