Give the Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep: How to Buy a Pillow as a Gift

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be thinking about buying gifts for loved ones. Finding the right gift can sometimes be tough, especially if you live at a distance and are not sure what the person needs or what they will really love. Consider this question: What is the one thing every person uses night after night, year after year, that also has an amazing effect on health and happiness? The answer is actually rather simple—a pillow! But not just any pillow. Your loved ones need an amazing, luxurious, and comfortable pillow.

The U.S. based, family-owned Queen Anne Pillow Company has a goal of making the most luxurious pillows on the planet, because they have a core belief that “Better Health Starts with Better Sleep, and Better Sleep Starts with Better Choices.” In fact, choosing the right pillow for your loved one can actually be fun and easy when you take a look at our website. Below are some of the best reasons to give a pillow as a gift:

  • No worries about “fit” when you give a Queen Anne Pillow as a gift—That’s, right, when you gift a Queen Anne pillow to a loved one, you don’t have to spend hours worrying about color and size.
  • Everyone needs a great night’s sleep!
  • A luxurious Queen Anne pillow is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Better health—no more sore neck and aching back. What better gift to give a loved one?
  • You can do your shopping online. No need to go from store to store, looking for the perfect gift.

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We guarantee you can find the perfect pillow for your loved one. Just a few of our most popular choices include:

The “Original” Queen Anne – 100% Natural French Goose Down Pillow – Enjoy Our Most Luxurious Pillow on Sale Now

  • The Princess down and feather blend—50 percent natural goose down and 50 percent natural goose feather
  • The Duchess down and feather blend—25 percent goose down and 75 percent goose feather—the softness of down with a bit more sturdiness
  • The Heavenly Down—a premium hypoallergenic synthetic down pillow, designed to feel and perform like a real down pillow.
  • The Loft King extra firm density—the ultra-firm answer to neck and shoulder support sleep problems, perfect for back sleepers, bed readers and anyone who needs a bit of added elevation to achieve a perfect night’s rest
  • The Duke Cool Castle Recovery—those who enjoy an active lifestyle will also enjoy the luxurious, relaxed and refreshed feeling they get, melting away stress on the Duke

Sleep deprivation can significantly affect pain on many levels—and even in an indirect way you may not realize. When you are lacking sleep, the area of your brain that controls impulses and decision-making becomes “sluggish,” which, in turn leads to poor food choices and a reluctance to exercise. On the flip side, when you get a great night’s sleep, you are more likely to feel like moving and are more likely to make better food choices, leading to better overall health.  In short, you can feel good about gifting a Queen Anne pillow to family members and friends this holiday season.

Not sure which pillow your loved one will prefer? Give them a Queen Anne Pillow gift card, and let them pick their perfect pillow.