FTC Down Labeling Requirements

heavenly-down-pillow-queen-tagThank you for your purchase of the Original Queen Anne 100% down pillow. As a Queen Anne bedding customer, federal law requires us to make you aware of some special rules regarding the labeling of down products. Be aware that down bedding manufactures are forbidden from printing “100% Down” on their law labels. The reason your Queen Anne Pillow law label reads “80% Down” is because the federal ruling assumes 20% down micro feathers is included in the process of gathering down filling.  Queen Anne takes the position of labeling our pillows to meet the max level of the ruling. We hope you understand that your pillow is most definitely filled with 100% down material, but federal law requires that we designate 20% of your pillow’s fill as “Down Micro Feathers.” However, rest assured your pillow is 100% Down material with a minimum of 80% down clusters, the largest percentage the government will allow us to claim. Unfortunately, if we, or any other pillow manufacturer were to print “100% Down” on our pillow’s tag, we would be in violation of federal labeling requirements. QU_finishedlogo-1-1We know it’s an odd and little known law, but we wanted to make you aware of it – so that you know you are receiving a premium product. For more information, click here to visit the FTC’s guidance page on down labeling requirements.